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In English, the French phrase, “mon cher,” translates to “my dear.”


And to Meghan Holton, the singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who goes by the artist name mon cher, her fans are her dears. She wants them to dance. She wants them to smile. She wants them to experience a transcendent, evocative feeling, and she catalyzes that feeling through her records and performances.


Her most recent record to make her dears dance and smile is her sophomore album, 2023’s sweet & heady, for which she did all the production, mixing, mastering, and engineering.


She’s catalyzed a transcendent, evocative feeling at revered venues in her current city of Denver including the Underground Music Showcase, FoCoMX and Levitt Pavillion while also touring the US, hitting prominent rooms like Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco, Love Song Bar in Los Angeles, and the Burlington Bar in Chicago.


mon cher is bringing more dears into the fold with every passing day, and she is excited to continue serving them with more evocative, transcendent moments as her reach grows.


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