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mon cher - sweet & heady LP - official cover.png

music, producer, band


mon cher is Denver based artist and producer Meghan Holton. Dreamy synths, emotive vocals, pulsing drum beats, and a hefty dose of nostalgia all combine into mon cher’s unique electronic indie sound.

mon cher’s self-titled debut album was released in July 2020, led by the sad and introspective pop song, "Winter Time". The debut album was picked up by local and national press, including Indie CPR, KEXP, KGNU, 303 magazine and more.

Since the debut, mon cher has continued to evolve her sounds into even dreamier soundscapes and released the sophomore album, "sweet & heady" on November 10, 2023, led by the playfully melancholic  "mess" and moody "fate".

Backed by partner, Caitlyn Sullivan, on drums for live performances, the femme duo has some big highlights in 2023. Midwest and West Coast U.S. tours, opened for Soccer Mommy at Levitt Pavilion (3000+ venue), playing Underground Music Showcase and FoCoMx, to name a few. The two continually captivate audiences by bringing mon cher's vibey and arresting sounds to life, and look forward to more 
shows coming in 2024. 


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